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2013 Easter Contest Winners

Kindergarten – 1st Grade:

1st Place – Hannah Gilley
2nd Place – Karlee Anderson
3rd Place – Micah Wells
4th Place – Ragen Endsley
5th Place – Cutter J. Vick
6th Place – Michael Massey

2nd Grade – 3rd Grade:
1st Place - Brooke Mullins
2nd Place – Kiley Pelfrey
3rd Place – Matthew Brock
4th Place – Anthony Renard II
5th Place – Sydney Stacy
6th Place – Grace King

4th Grade – 5th Grade:
1st Place – Gavin Mickey
2nd Place – Jackie Sanford
3rd Place – Madison Cooper
4th Place – Meadow Renfro
5th Place – Haley Parrish
6th place – Madison Hodges

School with the Highest % of Participation: Clinkscale Elementary School

2nd Place School: Hajek Elementary School

Most Improved: Taylor Elementary School